I started Fidelium in a small-office-space-turned-music-studio within my apartment in downtown Sacramento, CA (near where I grew up) in 2004. Originally I was looking to come up with a post-rock/electronica project as I was very inspired by groups like Sigur Ros, Future Sound of London, and M83 (the material he was putting out around that time anyway with Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts).

I had just turned 19, dropped out of business school, and was working at a music retail store, all the while looking to channel myself into some form of musical art where I didn't need to rely on other band members to be committed to what direction I wanted (whatever it was at that point) and that I didn't have to argue my musical intentions at every turn. Obviously, I was looking to go completely solo, so I did the natural thing and started collecting gear, software, computer parts, samples, and anything that made noise, I had very little recording or production experience at this point but decided to throw myself in and it became quite an obsession for awhile. Most of what I made wasn't very good but it was more for cathartic and educational reasons.

Fidelium has evolved into a lot of different things, but some of things have remained constant. At least I hear those things, and I think some other people do too. It's mostly a musical journal for me. When I hear tracks from Believe Me This Is Home (my first album that I "finished" in 2004 but revamped and released not until 2009) I immediately feel emotions from that time in my life where I was a lost yet invincible kid maniacally flailing his way through his late teens. 

Anyhow, it's been a long 12 years pushing this project forward. I plan on relating more of each project, perhaps even song by song, as I get the time and energy, but for now I hope you enjoy the music.

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