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yor wel cum

I completely forgot about this sunrise 🌈 DJ set that I did last year because I was most certainly not sober and w0w it is BY FARrrrrrrrrrt********:::::

dj set.


this probably has to be the most treasured set I ever did. I know I know, whatever, DJs right? pssssh play a real instrument, like guitar or something what's with your drum machines, get off my lawn.

this set rules. to me at least, because so much of the music in this set is the music that has given me life and inspired me. there are snippets all over it that represent me in a sonic wave. this set a very raw representation of my life at the age of 32 I want this recording to be played the moment I die on my deathbed. I want all my friends and family to be dancing like idiots around my corpse. bitchin' bass music. I feel as though any good DJ or music curator would agree that every played set is an extension of their own consciousness encapsulated (music tastes, personality), and since I'm a Gemini/Cancer astrology sign (mothercusper)it only makes sense that I am a conspicuous chameleon attempting to absorb all of the feels.

Ok so I realize not many people are going to read this, but at the Golden Ratio moment of the set, about 2/3 in, I start to lose my groove, things start screwing up and there's just a shitload of FX and soundwaves happening, no real structure to this part of the set... Maybe at about I don't know 1:50:00 I'm pretty tired and not sure where the floor is at either. You can really hear the attempt of a flubbering DJ trying to pick back up again, things are just sounding wonky right? I'll bet anyone who was listening to this turned it off by way before that point. This is like the less expensive cuts of the meat in a long DJ set. It takes effort and delicate knob twiddling to breathe life back into this kind of sonic desecration. Also keep in mind, I think by this point it was 7am? People were still dancing...trying to figure out their place in the festival. "Should I go to sleep oooor get more bass from DJ wayne?" I honestly can't remember where I played this set hahaha. The sun was coming up and everything starts to look weird. I love how it picks back up though. Like how life does. To me this is a beautiful moment; and of course I see and hear all of the mistakes I made through this whole part of the mix! I notice every fuck-up! damn you! i am my own worst critic. But then it picks up again and becomes a DJ set again, and not some weird wonky soundbowl... about the 2 hour mark that's when people started coming back in and dancing, grooving to a whole new vibe, new day. The energy was revitalized. "I'm a take ye on my bidness."I love witnessing that as a DJ. Oh my god, at 2:05:00 I seriously stopped giving a fuck. I just wanted to twist up people's brains! Instead of tripping balls, you get to trip pyramids today. Sorry, Carol. I remember thinking, "ok it's time for juke and footwork. aaaaaand drum n bass. bitch." it was like the sound version of a chef not measuring any spices or herbs and just flapping wristfuls of basil into the sauce topped with oregano. people grooved to it. and just like everything, the set dies. I basically grabbed my gear, stepped behind the stage, and passed the fuck out. slept through breakfast.

DO NOT listen to this if you are trying to calm down. THIS MIX IS WET AS FUUUUUUUUUUUUROGS. sorry but this will twist your titties up from the inside out, nipple inversion. nipple ripple.




2.5 hours of bass music just for you! WAKE UP