ZXYZXY - ひので (Hinode) (Fidelium Remix) 

Album release site: http://zxyzxy.bandcamp.com/album/hinode
Date: 2009
Type: Remix

This reworking of ZXYZXY's emotional Hinode track was a huge turning point for me in my music. I attempted to shift my production style over to be more dance friendly, but instead I found myself dealing with some kind of late 2000's artsy dubstep track. I was really into the atmosphere and sub-friendly aspects of dubstep at the time, especially what was coming out of Bristol for years already at that point. On constant rotation was a lot of Vibesquad and Bassnectar at the time so that helped... The wobblebass sound itself, as opposed to the fad that grew out of it, attracted me to try my take at it, and I even enjoyed the strenuous work of manipulating LFO>filter cutoff envelope automation into patterns that made the bass, in a way, come to life like some kind of creature.

Greg (ZXYZXY) approached me with his original version of the track, and something about its harmony spoke to me and awakened a musical spirit in me that I thought was dead by this point (so dramatic of me). I'll explain and try to be brief: At the time that I started this remix project, I had been on a huge, involuntary musical hiatus for the usual reasons: I experienced a pretty grueling breakup in 2007 that rendered me pretty hollow, as well as homeless... but the worst consequence of it was that I had nowhere to live for awhile. So I had to move home with my parents. My dad had also been diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma (spoiler: he's all good now), and that hit the family pretty hard. I like to think that my presence at home while my dad fought cancer in a way helped us both out of the funk we were in, his physical for the most part and mine psychological and emotional. The only downside to all of this ground-zero healing going on is that 1) I had little access to any computer to record or produce on, and 2) I felt zero inspiration to make anything. That all said, it was a good time to focus on Wayne the person, not Wayne the musician. I got happier, my dad and I grew closer, and in general we both got better. I moved to a small apartment in downtown Sacramento and tried to get my life back together.

Check out ZXYZXY's other tunes on this album and his others if you get the chance. I had the honor of doing the post-production for Subclass of the Dead, and I highly recommend it. If you want to know what he's been working on more currently, visit his other artist page here:  http://gregorypappas.net/. He's even written a book!

Greg has been a huge influence on my growth and education as a solo artist and a producer. 

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